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Frequently Asked Questions at the Java Marathon

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Frequently Asked Questions at the Java Marathon - 1
What project will I specifically write during the Java Marathon?In four days, you will write your own Telegram bot game about a Hacker Cat. It's a fairly simple project even for a newcomer, but the result will be cool: you'll be able to share the finished project with friends and showcase what you're capable of as a future programmer.
What is the program of the Java Marathon?The Java Marathon program is as follows: Day 1, 7:00 PM: Introduction to basic Java concepts, project structure, and start working on your task. We'll open the project in IntelliJ IDEA, add libraries for working with Telegram bots, and make initial configurations. Day 2, 7:00 PM: Writing event handling and validation, formatting message texts. Day 3, 7:00 PM: Finalizing the framework of our bot game, adding dialogues, testing our project. Day 4, 7:00 PM: Adding image sending functionality and completing work on the bot. Day 5, 7:00 PM: Final webinar where you'll learn more about a career as a Java developer, get a step-by-step plan for transitioning to IT, and have a chance to win free training on the "Java Developer Profession" course.
What knowledge is required to participate in the marathon?If you have basic programming knowledge — great. If you are a beginner — that's fine too: during the marathon, you will receive detailed videos with a mentor who will explain step by step what you need to do at each stage. Plus, you can read the session summary, which provides a bit more explanation of new terms and tips on what to pay attention to when completing tasks. And finally, there is a community chat for interns where the mentor and curators will answer your questions. Everything will work out!
Frequently Asked Questions at the Java Marathon - 2
Where to do homework? You will write your project in IntelliJ IDEA — a professional development environment. If you have no experience with this tool yet - that's okay. You will receive instructions on installing IntelliJ IDEA and JDK — Java Development Kit, and download a "template" — all the necessary templates to start working on the project and its tasks.
How to submit completed homework?
Який саме проєкт я напишу під час Java-стажування?Just take a screenshot of your written code and send it directly in the Java Marathon chatbot.
How to take a screenshot?Find the 'Prt Scr' key on the keyboard, press it. Go to the message field in the Java Marathon chatbot and press Ctrl + V - to send the screenshot. If you have a MacBook, press command + shift + 3. You can also use special programs - for example, ShareX.
How to find out if the task is done correctly? When will the result be checked?Your tasks are checked by the mentor, so he needs time. Sometimes you may need to wait a bit for his response. You will understand that your task has been accepted when the mentor or marathon curator personally writes to you that everything is okay.
Frequently Asked Questions at the Java Marathon - 3
What will be the result of my participation in the marathon?Firstly, you'll have a completed project — a game in a Telegram chatbot. Secondly, you'll have a clear understanding of whether you enjoy programming and whether you would like to become a developer. Thirdly, if you complete all the homework assignments and attend the final webinar, you can receive free training in the "Java Developer Profession" course and start moving towards career changes right away.
How to participate in the giveaway for the Java course?The conditions are simple:
  • complete all 4 tasks you receive during the marathon;
  • attend the final webinar after the marathon;
  • participate in the giveaway for a free spot in the Java course with a mentor from CodeGym during the webinar.
What will be covered in the final webinar?During the final webinar, we will discuss the following key points:
  1. Where Java is used + comparison with other popular backend languages.
  2. How to become a Java developer as a profession.
  3. Career and salary prospects for Java beginners in 2024/25.
  4. Whether artificial intelligence poses a threat to junior developers.
  5. Learning on the mentoring course at CodeGym: how it works and what is guaranteed.
And of course, we will hold a giveaway for free enrollment in the annual Java course!
Will there be a recording of the webinar?Yes, you will receive the recording the next day in the chatbot. But remember, the best chance to win free enrollment in the annual Java course with a mentor is to attend the live webinar and participate in the giveaway. So, we look forward to seeing you there!