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Start Coding From Day One and Get a Developer Job in a Few Months. CodeGym’s Recipe for Your Success

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What is the most important and essential part of learning how to code? If you aren’t totally new at CodeGym you probably know the answer to this question: practice is the most essential component of the learning process. And, coincidentally, learning Java through practice is what CodeGym’s all about. Well, actually, it’s not a coincidence. Our course is designed this way and structured having this ‘practice first’ approach because this is the most effective way, which has been proven literally by tens of thousands of our users. Start Coding From Day One and Get a Developer Job in a Few Months. CodeGym’s Recipe for Your Success - 1

CodeGym’s motto: start coding right off the bat!

Years of teaching people how to code in Java from scratch have taught us many things, including the most common mistakes and bottlenecks standing on your way from newby to a professional programmer. Getting way too deep into theory before you even try to write your first line of code is a major mistake that stops many people entirely or just dramatically slows down their progress. That is why we have said this many times before, and here we go again: instead of beginning your learning process with reading books or theory materials online, which will probably destroy your motivation before you even start coding, it’s much better to get into practice right off the bat. This is our philosophy, if you will. And we are strongly inclined to encourage our users to start writing code and using tools professional developers are using on a daily basis. At CodeGym, you will start coding from the very first demo level. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to write anything complex first. You’ll begin with a traditional "Hello, World!" program, with the complexity of tasks increasing gradually.

Get used to developer’s tools from the start

Talking about tools that real developers are using. Starting from just Level 3, you are able to write code directly in an integrated development environment (IDE), just like grownups (pro coders) do, thanks to CodeGym’s plugin. We are using a common IDE called IntelliJ IDEA, which allows our users to start getting practical skills of using a popular IDE from the very beginning of the course.

Why you should be using CodeGym’s IDE plugin

CodeGym’s IntelliJ IDEA plugin provides a scope of convenient features, allowing you to download tasks, get hints, code and check the tasks solutions directly in the development environment. Let us tell you what this plugin is for in more detail so you would clearly see how beneficial it is to use it. Here’s what CodeGym’s plugin allows you to do:
  • List of all available tasks at your fingertips.

    With our plugin you can quickly view all the available CodeGym tasks, both from the course and Games section. This saves you time, which you can (and should) use to get more coding practice.

  • Sending completed tasks for review.

    As soon as you complete the task, you can send it for review. Another way to save you valuable time, as well as to keep the focus on what’s really important.

  • Code style analysis and recommendations.

    Checking your code’s style also can be done with this plugin. Remember that the style of your coding in many real projects is just as important as what it actually does. Perfect style differentiates professional coders from amateurs.

  • Resetting task solving progress.

    Excellence comes with experience, which is built on top of previous mistakes and failures. If you made a mistake or your code doesn’t look that good, our plugin allows you to easily reset your progress and start the task all over, learning from your mistakes.

  • Quick access to task discussions.

    Last but not least, the plugin allows you to quickly open tasks-related discussions, both in CodeGym’s main course and in the Help section.


Turning absolute beginners into coding professionals is our mission. As you can see, CodeGym literally has everything that an individual may require to succeed in this mission. The course, it’s structure, gamification elements, multiple social features, tasks, articles and newsletters, IDE plugin, informational and motivational support. We have all the tools. All you need is some commitment, a little bit of effort and a pinch of power of will. Have all that? Results won’t be long in coming. That’s a promise.
Comments (3)
Julia Level 1, Clarkston, United Kingdom
29 September 2020
Great way to learn a programming language!
Boggomog Level 2, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
29 September 2020
I start to study the prog language. And I like that. Also i am parallelly learning english here))
Mateusz Level 29, Poland
28 September 2020
CodeGym, not CodeGum :) Your site is great, really, It's a great place to learn Java, but working on typos and other linguistic mistakes would make it even better :)