Hey guys! We finally made it! [Dramatic drum roll]…The brand new Java Core Quest is here! We’ve been working hard to make it happen and put our hearts to it. You should definitely check it out!
CodeGym Update: The New Quest is Ready - 1
Java Core Quest is created for those who have already got the minimum training in Java within Java Syntax Quest. Here you will have to pass 10 enthralling levels!

Added 106 New Lectures

You’ll get the basics of OOP, get acquainted with threads, serialization, method overloading, learn a lot about interfaces and multiple inheritances.
CodeGym Update: The New Quest is Ready - 2
The full list of Java Core Quest topics:
  • Basics of OOP: basic principles, inheritance, encapsulation
  • Basics of OOP: overloading, polymorphism, abstraction, interfaces
  • Interfaces: comparison with an abstract class, multiple inheritance
  • Type casting, instanceof. A big task involving interfaces
  • Overloading methods, a feature of constructor calls
  • Introduction to threads: Thread, Runnable, start, join, interrupt, sleep
  • Introduction to threads: synchronized, volatile, yield
  • Introduction to streams: InputStream/OutputStream, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream
  • Introduction to streams: Reader/Writer, FileReader/FileWriter
  • Serialization

Added 294 New Tasks

You will level up your coding skills by writing your own code while doing the tasks. It’s not gonna be easy because the difficulty of task will increase gradually. Trust me, you won’t get bored with Java Core Quest!
CodeGym Update: The New Quest is Ready - 3
Are you ready to rock’n’roll? Try it (but only after you’ll have your Java Syntax complete), it is free for now. Sincerely yours, CodeGym Team.