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How Career Switchers Can Benefit From Using CodeGym

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Programming as a profession has made a reputation for itself in the recent couple of decades. Today coding is considered to be one of the most desirable professions out there, mostly thanks to high salaries, good job security, and great future potential. So it should come as no surprise that the number of people looking to learn coding and switch to programming from their current profession is growing. But, as always, it’s easier said than done. Mastering a whole new set of skills can be a difficult task for a grown-up, especially for those who can only afford to spend a limited time on learning Java. The majority of potential switchers won’t be able to make it. How Career Switchers Can Benefit From Using CodeGym - 1But there is good news for those who are willing to switch, as CodeGym was originally created to be a good fit for such people and helped many of them to achieve their goals already. Here are a few reasons why CodeGym is such a good fit for switchers.

1. You can start learning from scratch, no previous experience required

Being such a comprehensive field, programming does require the new learners to make a considerable effort to progress. It means that very often just following the chosen learning course is not enough, as the course program may be missing some elements or don’t have proper explanations for you to understand them clearly. Which makes you go to external sources for information. Well, CodeGym’s course was designed having this particular problem in mind. It allows you to start learning Java without any prior experience and knowledge in programming. Everything you may need to become a functional Java programmer is in the course.

2. You get to write code from the very beginning

Another big problem in learning how to code from scratch is that in most cases you don’t actually get to write code before you learn a good deal of theory. CodeGym, as you may know, has a different approach, focused on practice. You start writing code from the very beginning and will keep doing that throughout the whole course, so by the end of it, you are prepared to code and solve real tasks as a professional programmer.

3. Easy to understand theory with simple examples from real life

Learning theory also isn't easy for the majority of beginners as it is often taught with the assumption that you are already familiar with many aspects of software development and how everything works. CodeGym delivers theory in a way even people with a background in a totally different field can easily digest.

4. Clear and well-organized course structure

Not knowing where to start and how to structure your learning is not uncommon as well. The CodeGym’s course structure is clear and doesn’t require you to think about what you should be learning next and if you spent enough time on the previous topic. This way you can save time and energy for actual learning, which is especially important for the majority of grown-up switchers who usually have jobs and other things to take care about and thus, possess a very limited time.

5. Lots of practice to prepare you for real work

The Practice-first approach is what CodeGym’s famous for and what differentiates us from other ways to learn Java. Our course prepares functional Java coders who are capable to perform real work. With over 1200 tasks of varying difficulty, you get to have a lot of practice for every major Java topic learnt. According to many of our former students, having lots of practical experience is what made them feel confident enough to start looking for their first job in software development, and get one.

CodeGym students’ success stories

Here are some of the success stories from our real students who managed to switch to being software developers from other professions by learning on CodeGym.

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