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From Zero to Coding Hero. What You’ll Be Capable of Upon Completing CodeGym’s Course

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At CodeGym, we always say our course is the best possible way to learn Java online from scratch. Excuse us for bragging, it’s just the way we feel, and our students' results support this notion in quite an indisputable way. But, truth be told, this is nothing perfect in this world, and there is no single magic course that would work for everyone like a charm. And CodeGym is no exception. The volume of applicable knowledge in the Java-related field of coding, let alone programming as a profession in general, is massive, and it keeps growing. So here is one thing you should grasp at the start of your coding career, young padawan: programming is a profession, which requires you to keep learning ALL THE TIME to stay competitive. From Zero to Coding Hero. What You’ll Be Capable of Upon Completing CodeGym’s Course - 1
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How CodeGym turns you into a coding pro

This is why here we are talking a lot about approaching the learning process and using tools to educate yourself as a software programmer. And even though CodeGym was designed to be the most effective for everyone, people are still different from each other, and tools that work for you may not be as effective for someone else. If you are reading this, you must be wondering what you can really get from going through the CodeGym course till the very end, and if it’s worth the shot, with “the shot” being time and money that you have to invest in this process. But if you are still not sure what exactly you will be capable of when done with our course, if getting a coding job will be at the snap of a finger, if we will deliver what is promised, and what exactly do we promise to deliver, this piece should get your ducks in a row.

All Java theory in 4 quests

Now, the CodeGym course, when it's completed, does provide you with fundamental theoretical knowledge about Java, which should be more than enough to get a Junior Java developer job. Important to note that we don’t focus on theory in our course: the focus is on real tasks to get applicable skills, so the theory part is minimized and presented in the most easy to digest way possible. But it is still sufficient. You will start with learning Java syntax and other basic concepts through the introduction Java Syntax quest and will move to the Java Core quest after Level 10. This is when you will learn the basics of OOP, get acquainted with streams, serialization, and method overloading, as well as learning about interfaces and multiple inheritance. And when you reach Level 20, two more quests are waiting for you: Java Multithreading and Java Collections. What is more for a Java learner to ask?

Coding skills development

At CodeGym, it’s all about coding. Makes sense, right? That is why completing CodeGym’s course WILL pump your coding skills. You will code almost right from the beginning of the course up till the very end. You’ll be able to add to your newly created programmer’s resume a total of over 500 hours of Java coding, which is a pretty good base to apply for a Junior Developer job.

Getting used to working with coding tools

CodeGym course is not just teaching Java theory and Java coding, but also helps you to get used to applying tools that professional programmers need to be well-familiar with. For example, starting with Level 3, you’ll be able to work on tasks using an integrated development environment (IDE) called IntelliJ IDEA. This way, you’ll be getting practical skills of using a popular IDE from the very beginning of the course. Instal a CodeGym plugin, and you’ll be able to code or check the tasks solutions directly in the development environment. Because we care about your convenience!

Coding problems solving skills

When going through the course, you will face some new tasks needing you to know the theory that hasn’t been covered in the course yet. No need to worry, this is a feature not a bug! The course is designed to challenge you, because there is no growth without a challenge, agree? When facing such tasks you have several options to choose from: you can google for an answer, ask other CodeGym users for help (we have all those social features for a reason), try to come up with a solution on your own, or just skip the task and solve it when all the theory is delivered later in the course. Quite a choice, right? Of course, we encourage our students to always try to solve it without any help first. Even if you fail, you’ll get an invaluable experience of coding problem solving and searching for a solution. This is the skill most employers are willing to pay a hefty extra for.

Experience of working on a real software project

Starting from Level 20, you will work on mini-projects, placed in the course to provide you with experience of developing a real software project. A mini-project consists of a series of interconnected sub-tasks, each teaching you how to develop a new program (a game for example), from scratch to completion. And by the way, we have a separate Games section with the same structure, teaching you how to create real games with Java.

Informational support

And last but not least, we are working day and night to provide CodeGym users with all the latest information about Java and coding in general, data on what’s going on in the programming jobs market, tips and recommendations on how to learn more efficiently and get a job, etc. Check out the Articles section to access the content we are tirelessly creating for our users, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get all the news directly to your email.


So here is what CodeGym has to offer: the fundamental theory about Java that you NEED to know, LOTS and lots of coding to acquire and master coding skills that will be applicable in a real job, and latest information and analytics of the tech market. What else you can possibly need? Almost forgot. What we also have is this detailed plan that will help you on the way from a green newby to a strong Java Junior Developer. What about now, do you have any excuses left NOT to learn Java at CodeGym? Well, if any, you are free to share them in comments!
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Horatiu Level 11, Deva, Romania
14 September 2020
how is the progress on the last two quests ? It would help if you would give us like an estimation on how much you finish . For example : Quest 5 - 50% done , Quest 6 - 10%. We know is hard and you guys made a great job with the first 4 quest for learning Java. That's why we are excited for what's to come. I have a one year premium subscription and I hope that I can start working on at least one of those two future quests , before my subscription will expire :)