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How Junior Coders and QA Testers Can Benefit From Using CodeGym

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Even though CodeGym was primarily designed for people who want to learn coding from scratch and programming beginners, they are not the only ones who are benefiting from using CodeGym on a regular basis. A considerable chunk of our users already have a job in software development, usually as Junior coders or software QA testers, and come to CodeGym to get better at what they do, extend knowledge and grow professionally. How Junior Coders and QA Testers Can Benefit From Using CodeGym - 1Since many of our articles are meant for complete beginners in coding and people who are not working in this field yet, it may not be totally clear how you can benefit from CodeGym if you’re a programmer, tester or other kind of tech specialist already. So let us fix that and give you a few examples.

1. Lots of diverse practical tasks that you most likely aren’t getting as a Junior coder

Although you are normally expecting to learn and improve through real work experience when you get your first Junior Developer job, very often it’s not the case. Instead of doing something interesting and complex, you will have to routinely work on very simple manual tasks, which are not teaching you anything new, for quite a while. CodeGym has more than 1200 tasks of varying complexity that will train you in every major aspect of Java and support your professional growth.

2. Mini-projects to experience working on complex tasks

Besides separate tasks, CodeGym also has mini-projects, which consist of multiple tasks and allow you to learn how different parts of a project are built separately and what should be the approach, which can be an incredibly valuable experience for career growth in software development. This is how CodeGym completes and enriches your work experience as a Junior dev.

3. A chance to refresh your Java knowledge or go through the difficult parts you don’t understand properly

Even though Java is a relatively easy language to grasp, not every part of it is simple, and the majority of people normally have difficulties understanding one aspect of Java or another. In fact, we even have a separate article featuring the most difficult parts of learning Java and how to overcome them. CodeGym allows you to go through those difficult aspects of Java and solve practical tasks to make sure you truly get it. Even the most talented coders tend to get stuck on some parts of the programming knowledge, and overcoming such difficulties is what really makes you a true professional.

4. The ability to learn by helping other CodeGym users and get a mentorship experience

Codegym’s multiple social features, such as the Help section, Forum, and Chat, are a great and proven way to boost the quality of your knowledge by helping others, answering the questions of less experienced users and giving them tips and recommendations. Helping others would also allow you to get more experienced in mentoring, which can be very beneficial in the future.

5. New connections and people to work on projects together

Socializing with other CodeGym users can bring you other obvious benefits, such as multiple connections in the industry. Getting connected in your field of work is a long-term game that does usually pay off with time. For example, knowing many other programmers could allow you to get a better job or quickly find like-minded individuals to work on a project or even a startup together.

6. New articles with career advice, tips and recommendations for software development beginners

Finally, we are doing our best to support users with new information and motivation for further growth by regularly posting new articles about different aspects of career in software development in general and Java field in particular.


As you can see, CodeGym can and will be beneficial for you even if you are working in the field already, giving a big boost to your knowledge and allowing you to progress much faster. Junior programmers wanting to reach Mid-Level as fast as possible, low-level testers wanting to get promoted to QA automation engineers, and other technical specialists are using CodeGym on a regular basis and reporting great results! Are you one of them? Share your CodeGym experience in the comments section below.