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CodeGym team news: plugin update

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Hi everyone! Today we’ve released the new version of our plugin, and here’s a piece of helpful information about it. If you use IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 there might be some issues with updating our plugin. We advise you to open the “Downloads” tab in your profile, click on “Download the IntelliJ IDEA plugin” and install it manually. All done! A friendly reminder: you can contact our support team in case you have any further questions.
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DarthGizka Level 24, Wittenberg, Germany
9 June 2021
The server update seems to have affected the web interface as well - messages appear in Russian all of a sudden. Я не говорю по русски! 🤠 I speak English, und nebenbei auch Deutsch, e quando capita parlo anche l'Italiano. Ma del Russo non capisco un bel niente! Please, reinstitute error messages, warnings and mentor hints in English.
Hanna Moruga Level 20, Seattle, United States Moderator
9 June 2021
DarthGizka Level 24, Wittenberg, Germany
9 June 2021
Automatic update in IntelliJ 2021.1 did not work, as promised. Manual download + installation in IntelliJ worked and the 'new version' nagging went away. However, there are several *severe* usability issues. (1) Clicking on Snake 12/20 after having just completed 11/20 opened the just solved one again, not the next one to be solved. This makes it impossible to proceed with the game task in IntelliJ (the web interface works fine, though). (2) Downloading *any* other task results in a missing Conditions.tcs. There is just a readme file whose name has Cyrillic letters ('Условие.jrtc'). This gets shown as plain text containing some markup and English text with some words in Cyrillic letters. The text file can be very difficult to read because of the entity coding:
Using a StringTokenizer, split the query into parts using the String delimiter.
For example,
getTokens("level22.lesson13.task01", ".")
returns a string array
{"level22", "lesson13", "task01"}
(3) Mentor messages are completely in Cyrillic letters (Russian?) and thus incomprehensible to me. I've no intention of adding yet another language to my todo list right now. Learning Java is quite enough for me at the moment, thank you very much. 😉
Andrei Level 41
9 June 2021
When I open the downloaded JAR file nothing happens. Am I missing something?