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Math.PI in Java

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What is “pi” (π) in mathematics?

“The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter i-e; 22/7 is represented by a constant value of 3.14159 is called “pi” in mathematics.”

What is Math.PI in Java?

“Math.PI is a static final double constant in Java, equivalent to in π Mathematics.”
Provided by java.lang.Math class, Math.PI constant is used to carry out multiple mathematical and scientific calculations like finding the area & circumference of a circle or the surface area and volume of a sphere. In real life, the “pi” quantity has a fundamental position with never-ending uses. Some of them are listed below.
  • Aerospace designers use pi to compute the area of the body of the aircraft.
  • Medical Science benefits from pi by using it to analyze the structure of the eye.
  • Biochemists use pi to study the composition of DNA.
  • Statisticians use pi to project the population dynamics of the state.
  • Pi has a core value in the current Global Positioning System (GPS) we have today.


If you want to learn how to get and how to use the value of Math.PI in Java let’s have a look at the following executable example.

public class PiInJava {

	public static double circumferenceOfCircle(int radius) {

		return Math.PI * (2 * radius);

	public static double areaOfCircle(int radius) {

		return Math.PI * Math.pow(radius, 2);

	public static double volumeOfSphere(int radius) {

		return (4 / 3) * Math.PI * Math.pow(radius, 3);

	public static double surfaceAreaOfSphere(int radius) {

		return 4 * Math.PI * Math.pow(radius, 2);

	public static void main(String[] args) {

		int radius = 5;

		System.out.println("Circumference of the Circle = " + circumferenceOfCircle(radius));
		System.out.println("Area of the Circle = " + areaOfCircle(radius));
		System.out.println("Volume of the Sphere = " + volumeOfSphere(radius));
		System.out.println("Surface Area of the Sphere = " + surfaceAreaOfSphere(radius));




Circumference of the Circle = 31.41592653589793 Area of the Circle = 78.53981633974483 Volume of the Sphere = 392.6990816987241 Surface Area of the Sphere = 314.1592653589793


By now you must be familiar with the use of constant Math.PI in Java. Its application in Java is majorly based on your requirements & your sound understanding of its inherent mathematical value. Feel free to consult the article when you get stuck and like forever, keep practising and keep growing!Math.PI in Java - 1