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Welcome to CodeGym

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Hey! Welcome to the global CodeGym community. Programmers are not born. We made these words our slogan because we firmly know that programming is a skill. To develop it, you need to practice every day. That is right, programming above it all! And for this purpose, CodeGym, which is 80% practice, is perfect. Let us tell you everything you need to know at the start of your training.

The free of charge part of CodeGym

So that you have time to get acquainted with the course and decide whether this training format is suitable for you, we left the first lectures and tasks free for use. The course consists of 4 quests. Each has 10 levels (except for the starting quest: it contains from 10 to 21 levels, depending on your level of training). Without a subscription, you can go through 1-2 levels of the first training quest: depending on how much dark matter you have.

Dark Matter

Welcome to CodeGym - 1This is the virtual “currency” you need to complete the course. To open the next lecture or task, you need to donate a certain amount of matter. To earn dark matter and move further along the course, you need to solve tasks. You will see the available amount of black matter on the top panel, next to your avatar, or in your profile.


The course covers a range of topics that will help you deeply master the basics of the Java language. Or the so-called Java Core, which is considered one of the main requirements for a novice Java developer. In addition to the basics of this language, you will learn a lot about basic programming concepts as well as useful developer tools. The order of the course is here. To view the detailed content of each quest, simply click on it, and you will see an expanded list of topics. How long does it take to get through CodeGym? It depends on your starting knowledge. With regular exercise — from 3 to 12 months.


Most of the training time is devoted to solving tasks, which are available starting with free lectures. Click “Open” on an available task, and you will see a “window” in which the condition is described on the left, and a field on the right where you will write your solution.
Welcome to CodeGym - 2 To check the correctness of the solution, you need to click on "Verify", and in a matter of seconds you will receive the result.
Welcome to CodeGym - 3 If the task seems difficult, by clicking on "Help" you can ask the community for advice on solving the task or spy on the correct solution.


Solving tasks not only adds dark matter but also allows you to earn achievements. For example, you can get an achievement for solving the first task, several tasks per day, all tasks of the first level, and so on. Welcome to CodeGym - 4Based on how many achievements you get, your personal rating is formed among all CodeGym students.

Learning from separate different gadgets

You can read lectures, solve tasks and participate in the CodeGym community anytime and anywhere: from a PC — on the CodeGym website, from a smartphone — in an Android application.

Detailed tutorial on how to enjoy our course

If you want to learn more about the features of the course and how to make your learning more effective, we recommend reading the guide: “How to learn with CodeGym.” Can't wait to solve the first tasks quickly? Then go ahead full power!