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How Do I Know If Coding Is Right For Me? Tips For Career Switchers

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If you're thinking about a career switch, don't panic. In fact, on average, people change their jobs 12 times during their lifetime. So, it's normal to switch careers from time to time. And if you have a flair for tech or enjoy using computers to solve problems, a career in programming is the right thing for you. However, if you have a non-tech background, you probably believe entering the IT world is challenging. Most likely, you're right. Nobody said that switching careers is easy. Yet, nobody said it's impossible. That's why we have come up with some tips to consider when diving into the tech world. Here are some benefits, drawbacks, and tips to consider when switching your career to becoming a developer. How Do I Know If Coding Is Right For Me? Tips For Career Switchers - 1

Is Programming the Right Job for You?

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Your core values, personality, and previous experience can drastically influence how much you'll like your future job. The critical skills needed to become a good programmer:
  • Ability to learn new concepts. As a fresh coder, your primary responsibility will be to learn and memorize coding concepts. But it's the case when you'll never know until you try.
  • Ability to adopt new technologies. Here, the situation is more evident. Just look at your computer. Do you still use Windows 7, or have you moved to Windows 11? If you're one of those who tend to leap from the older technologies and evolve with the times, then you have all the chances to succeed in a coding career. Remember that "Change is the name of the game."
  • Problem-solving skills. If quick thinking and problem-solving solid are your forte, then you'll learn and master coding faster.
  • Attention to detail. Everything matters when it comes to coding – even the most minor details, such as a missed colon, will change the entire command.

How to Jump on This Bandwagon: Where and How to Start

Deciding on your first programming language can be tricky and time-consuming since dozens of different options exist. According to CodeGym students, most have spent weeks, months, and even years, browsing through various articles, blogs, YouTube videos, Reddit posts, and Stack Overflow questions reading programming languages. Still, they had no idea where to invest their time/money/effort because they didn't know what they wanted to build and whom to become. Ultimately, they set their mind on Java because it opens up plenty of opportunities without limiting your options to software developer positions. With Java in your skillset, you may become a Back-End Developer, Big Data Developer, Android Developer, IoT developer, QA specialist, Architect, and so on. Knowing Java is exciting. Java specialists will always be in high demand at the forefront of technological advancement.

How to Make Sure Is Coding Your Congenial Job?

Career changers have the following options:
  • self-learning through books and Internet resources,
  • four years in college and a bachelor's degree in computer science,
  • completing an online course.
Self-learning may be a good option for those who like to study autonomously, whereas formal education may be a proper fit for those who have enough free time and money to get a bachelor's degree. But what if you want to figure out whether programming is the right choice for you in a limited time, on a reasonable budget, with the help of those experts who already have an impressive track record in development? If you're looking for short-term education alternatives to understand whether Java suits you or not, CodeGym’s fresh 4-month Java Fundamentals course with a mentor may give you this understanding.

Java Fundamentals is a part of our new CodeGym University branch, which offers online studying in groups, with live training sessions twice a week and daily support in private Slack chats. Each course at CodeGym University is focused on helping you to master the profession and offers additional benefits in comparison with our regular self-paced Java course, such as:

  • strong mentorship by experienced developers
  • full-fledged practical projects as a part of your learning (you can add them to your portfolio)
  • extended support by mentors and course curators on a daily basis
  • final examination and certification
"Java Fundamentals" course may be the best choice for you because of:
  • Quick results. The course lasts just four months (48 hours in total), which should be enough to let you get the hang of Java basics and decide whether programming is the right move for you. The course consists of 28 90-minute online lessons and has a structured curriculum with three modules: Java Syntax, Java Core, and the Final project to add to your portfolio. Also, after completing the course, you'll get a certificate stating that you know Java fundamentals (Java language, OOP, and the ability to work with collections).

  • Mentor feedback. Having a good mentor can make your life easier. Java Fundamentals course stands out with its mentor support, and of course, with instant verification of your "homework." In addition, the course is backed by chat-based support.

  • Interactivity. Interactivity is another significant advantage of the course. It's full of non-boring tasks that will engage and motivate you during the course. And as a cherry on top, you'll be able to create your interesting real-world project at the end of the course.

  • Affordability. The "Java Fundamentals" course is also quite affordable, especially compared to boot camps, college classes, private tutoring, offline courses, and all the textbooks you'd need to buy to cover the same material. Currently, it costs just $99/month. A worthy alternative.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of your background, you can start a career whenever you want. Becoming a developer is never too late, but you should understand that switching jobs isn't easy. There may be ups and downs, and the best thing you can do is to keep focused on your goal. In case you still hesitate if the programming is the right thing for you, we can say that “You’ll never know until you try.” But what we know for sure, our experienced Java tutors will always lend you a helping hand during the Java fundamentals course. You’ll be able to ask any question and get a quick response from your mentor, which will make the learning process more interactive and help you master the Java basics faster. Ultimately, if you’re about to switch your career but doubt in your self-discipline abilities and actually don’t know where to start, the Java fundamentals course may be exactly what you need. It boasts a step-by-step plan with optimal workload and excellent support. How Do I Know If Coding Is Right For Me? Tips For Career Switchers - 2