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Next step, what do you suggest?

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My goal is to learn enough Java that I can start working as a Jr. Developer. I've been at this for almost a year now, going through online "Learn Java" programs, reading through several of the top recommended books, frequenting the challenge sites. I feel like I have a good grasp of the fundamentals but don't have a good understanding of what I need to know to get that first job. It seems like every person that has asked this gets a totally different response. Considering I've got a handle on most of what CodeGym has covered in the currently released modules (Syntax and Core), what topics would you consider mandatory for the most general entry level Java position that haven't been covered yet? Any other advice for getting that first job?
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Alex Vypirailenko Level 41, USA
20 March 2019
The below list of technologies/frameworks is what any aspiring Java developer should at least familiarize himself with: Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate, Maven, JPA, JSP, JSTL, ORM, REST, Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery, Git, JUnit, MySQL, Tomcat. This list is not final, as technologies evolve with time, and may depend on which direction you want to take (e.g. Enterprise or Android development). Please also be aware, that some of the above may be hard to learn on your own and are best learned in a team or within a real project. Hope this helps.
Oleh Level 32, Kyiv, Ukraine
20 March 2019
1. Look at java vacancies`s requirements and find what you didn't learn yet. On this point you also can notice companies which you liked. Or find trainee/intern programs. 2. Don't forget about another technologies like html/css/js. 100% that you will need javascript. 3. Try to make a demo project. It could be anything with user authorization, connection to DB and CRUD. You don't need a lot of functionality, just clean code (java code conventions) with patterns and javadoc. 4. Read list of most popular qestuions on the interwiev. I'm not a java developer yet, but i have a plan like this.