Don't understand why I have the package name in the output when I run the code. Everything seems to be good, but the code adds the name of the package in the final line of the output. can someone please explain? package com.codegym.task.task03.task0315; public class Solution { public static void main(String[] args) { //write your code here Red red=new Red(); Orange orange=new Orange(); Yellow yellow=new Yellow(); Green green=new Green(); Blue blue=new Blue(); Indigo indigo=new Indigo(); Violet violet=new Violet(); System.out.println(red); System.out.println(orange); System.out.println(yellow); System.out.println(green); System.out.println(blue); System.out.println(indigo); System.out.println(violet); } public static class Red { public Red() { System.out.println("Red"); } } public static class Orange { public Orange() { System.out.println("Orange"); } } public static class Yellow { public Yellow() { System.out.println("Yellow"); } } public static class Green { public Green() { System.out.println("Green"); } } public static class Blue { public Blue() { System.out.println("Blue"); } } public static class Indigo { public Indigo() { System.out.println("Indigo"); } } public static class Violet { public Violet() { System.out.println("Violet"); } } }