why there arrays ?! why?! we are not learned arrays. my experience and knowledge only what we learn and study before this task. based on previous information. wtf. the founders wrote it like this. the fact that everyone finds the right answer in the community and says and writes from one person to another what they themselves or someone else saw in the correct answer for a long time and write it off is some kind of nonsense. there is even no mention of arrays in the assignments. I would read it in a book. 9 hours I wrote a whole book in volume I wrote everything I tried I had a bunch of questions that do not even understand. I found this while trying all the options. even that the methods and cycles of ari in different circumstances work in different ways right in the details only noticeably. generally differently. I think this task is just some kind of mockery of the students. - 5 stars for this task. i dont sleep half of night and start from middle of day tryed solve this task . jerks!!