In the Advertisement class, the amountsPerImpression is a long. This means no decimal places. In the VideosSelectedEventDataRow class, the amount field is also a long. So why then, in this task, when it gives you an example of what the printAdRevenue() method in the StatisticsManager should look like, does it show two decimal places with non-zero values? Even if the sample data doesn't necessarily match what you will get as a result (since you can pick whatever dishes in testing), it makes no sense to have sample data that is impossible to get. I've passed all of the previous tasks so I'm assuming my fields amountsPerImpression and amount are correctly defined as longs. I'm just trying to figure out if I've made a critical error somewhere or if they made an error creating their sample output. EDIT: I did try it with whole-number outputs... the validation did not like it, said to use a "." for decimal places in the numbers. Maybe I'll just try appending ".00" to the numbers and see what happens.