E.g. I have one main class that's only calls another class method. That other class has no main method but the executed code. How can I do that in intellij? I can do it using notepad, but in intellij its compile the entire directory where my tasks are, but I just want to run that two specific classes on that are in the task folder I am working? How to make intellij run just those two classes only, not the whole directory or any other main class close by. Does someone can explain me how intellij handle that ? Just to say it again, I have a folder with dozens of classes and if I want to run any specific two related classes using notepad++ its run perfect without going out the folder where my classes are and try to run a different class from next folder. Everytime I try it intellij is compiling the hole directory and folders . How to setup intellij for just run the classes that I want but not the hole project? Thanks.