Moon Lander

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In the late 1970s to early 1980s, when men were men and video games were truly difficult, there was one video game that could be called hardcore among hardcore video games. It was called Lunar Lander. For game first made people suffer in 1979, when these gluttons for punishment put their hard-earned quarters into the coin slot of an Atari arcade machine. After that, they became pilots and took control of a lunar landing module steadily approaching the lunar surface. Consisting of mountains and hills, the Moon's topography wasn't very accommodating. This meant there were hardly any places suitable for a soft landing. The player had to resist the Moon's gravitational pull and descend gently using thrusters. Thrust and acceleration were controlled proportionally. The lander consumed fuel rapidly, and when the fuel ran out, the ship stopped responding to the pilot's actions. At this point, the player could throw more coins into the arcade machine (the ancestor of modern loot boxes!). The game required remarkable patience. Setting the landing module down slowly and on an even keel was incredibly difficult. Basically, the better the pilot lands the module, the more points he or she gets. We invite you to improve yourself and write your own version of Lunar Lander. Our version, which we'll call Moon Lander, will be like the classic game, but the graphics will be better (40 years have passed, after all!). We'll create a nice landing module that you'll need to carefully put on the Moon without hitting any mountains. For a gentle, even landing, we'll use the main engine, which slows descent and provides a little altitude boost. And we'll use the side engines for horizontal movement. Think this is a difficult task? Difficult, but not unbearable. Our team has already provided recommendations and broken the task into steps that a beginning programmer can handle. So be brave!
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Rithik BhatLevel 7 , Hartford
6 August, 20:31
I finished all the steps, and everything, but when I press run all it shows me is a blank green screen
NorbertLevel 23 , Kielce
22 July, 11:50
The setCellColor(int, int, Color) method should not do anything if the method's x or y parameter is outside the field. Which is to do nothing to fix it
NorbertLevel 23 , Kielce
22 July, 11:42
how to ask a question to a specific level
12 September 2019, 14:23
i don't know how to play????
AilinLevel 3 , Saint Louis
23 January, 07:40
[Up arrow] = Boost

[Left arrow] = Go to the left

[Right arrow] = Go to the right

[Space] = Start a new game if you die

[Goal] = You have to land gently on the flat surface by using the boost to brake