Task: write a small text quest. The question at each next step depends on the previous answer.


  1. It must be a Maven project using the following technologies: servlets, jsp, jstl .
  2. Tomcat 9 will be used for launch during testing, so I advise you to use it during development as well.
  3. After winning or losing, it should be possible to restart the game.
  4. Some information must be stored in the session. It can be the name of the player, the number of games played, or something else of your choice.
  5. Logic should be covered by tests. Use JUnit.
  6. Optional requirement:add a welcome page that includes a welcome text that tells the background story to this text quest-game.
  7. Upload the completed project to your GitHub repository.

An example of the logic of questions (questions can be used from the example or come up with something of your own):

Project analysis . Watch after completion!