Today there are globally over 7 mln of Java developers, which is quite a large number. And the reason many people can’t help but wondering: is the industry overcrowded with Java coders already? A short answer is no, being a Java developer is still a thing.

1. More Java coders = more Java Developer jobs

A huge base of available developers is one of the reasons businesses are going with Java when choosing a technology for their needs. This, along with other important factors of Java’s huge global popularity such as JVM and OOP support, of course.

2. There is a shortage of good Java developers

The software industry still has a SHORTAGE of well-qualified and properly trained Java developers. The fact that Java has been so popular and common for companies in various market niches and industries for a number of years made it mainstream and gave birth to hundreds of thousands of Java coders who are... How shall we put this? Not very good. There are hundreds of thousands of Java programmers out there who are poorly trained, have no genuine interest in Java or coding in general, or simply learnt Java as an additional language/skill and not looking for a career in Java development.

3. The demand for Java development keeps growing

Java these days is used almost everywhere in terms of platforms, technologies and economy sectors. That’s why the need for qualified and experienced Java developers around the world keeps increasing despite the fact there are so many Java coders out there already. Another important factor is location: if well-known business and technology centers like Silicon Valley in the U.S. or major cities in Western Europe normally have lots of available Java programmers, companies in smaller and less developed regions tend to seriously suffer from the shortage of skilled Java devs.

4. Java is probably the best language to start your coding career

Another reason why there are so many Java developers in the world already is the fact that Java is probably the best programming language to learn to start a new career in software development. It is (relatively) easy to master, universally acclaimed, and in high demand. And the fact that Java is popular for so long and will be widely used for a couple more decades at least makes it probably the best choice for the start if you want to become a professional software developer.

A major advantage of having so many Java coders out there is the fact that such a huge community makes it easier for new and inexperienced coders to learn. Java has one of the biggest knowledge bases among programming languages, with lots of fully detailed software development cases, tutorials, guides, recommendations, and simply experienced software engineers who would be willing to help.

So, is industry overcrowded with Java developers? Now you know the answer.