"Hi, Amigo! Well, are you ready to get a little more knowledge? I hope you have a lot of free time, because today there will be many lessons."

"Hmm, I don't... But wait... What are you going to tell me about?"

"Today is only preparation for the harsh reality of employment: we will consider questions asked during interviews, software development methodologies, and some other nuances."

"Well, that's a completely different matter! I'm ready."

Everything you need to know about software development methodologies: trends, principles, and pitfalls for beginners

Software development is a complex business process. This means that IT professionals need to speak the language of optimization, planning, and costing.

An understanding of management concepts gives both employers and developers a big advantage and helps take collaboration to the next level.

Everything you need to know about annotations

As you study, annotations may seem somewhat useless but necessary. You don't know why they exist or what they do. You've read a couple of articles that said, "it's so great that we have annotations now, everything has become so simple."

But if you don't know how things were before annotations and you don't understand the subject, then how can you understand what has become better? As a result, it will be useful for you to work with annotations using material written by an experienced programmer.

Top 50 job interview questions and answers for Java Core

Let's talk about interview questions. About what you need to prepare for and what you need to know. This is a great time to review or to study these points for the first time.

You will find a huge, three-part selection of questions and answers about OOP, Java syntax, Java exceptions, collections, and multithreading.

It's difficult to cover everything at once, but this material will provide a good foundation for those preparing to find their first job as a programmer.