"Amigo, congratulations! You are one step away from the end of the next big stage of your training. I always said you would be a huge success."

"Thank you, Professor! Now I know all about streams in Java, and Diego's tasks helped me better understand what's happening."

"That's great. But I have a couple more lessons for you that will definitely help you gain a deeper understanding of the topic. Sit back, get comfortable, and carefully read a couple of articles.

Adapter design pattern

"In programming, as in many other areas, there are a large number of common situations that everyone encounters. To avoid reinventing the wheel every time, it's better to use ready-made solutions that work. In programming, they are called design patterns. There are a lot of them. In this article, we'll talk about the adapter pattern.

Practice working with the BuffreredReader and InputStreamReader classes

Once again, we'll review familiar material about the BufferedReader and InputStreamReader class, this time with more complex examples that you'll certainly understand at this stage of your training. We'll also consider how to replace System.out.