"Hi, Amigo! You've coped with new topics and tasks so quickly. But I have a lot of good reading for you today. I think you will benefit from properly examining nested classes once again.

Nested inner classes

Why create classes inside another class? Well, for example, you might want to separate out some entity that is inextricably linked with another entity, in order to maintain the program's logic. Difficult? Nothing to be afraid of. We'll consider everything in detail and with examples in this article.

Static nested classes

How do static nested classes differ from other kinds of nested classes? We'll continue to explore nested classes and come to understand some nuances in this practical lesson.

Inner classes in a local method

Local classes are a subspecies of inner classes, but they have several special features and differences. Let's look at them in action.

Anonymous classes

Like the local classes that we talked about in the last lesson, anonymous classes are a kind of inner class... They also have several similarities and differences. In this detailed lesson, we'll consider why they are actually called "anonymous" and look at some practical examples.

And a helpful link. We'll read about the final keyword in this article on our website."