"Greetings, Amigo, my best (well, one of my best) beginner students! How's it going? I heard you just created your first Java program… Cool, right?"

"Yeah, it was cool… pretty cool, and I like it, but…"

"I hear some doubt in your voice. Did something go wrong?"

"No, it's ok. I just want to ask you one question. Why is Java the right language? I've heard that some programming languages are easier to learn than others, some are better for websites... or game development. What is Java the best for?"

"That's a good question! The answer is simple and complex at the same time. I'll start with the complex part."

"Java is everywhere. Almost anywhere you can find the internet, mobile apps, OSes, embedded systems, real-time software, data mining, cloud computing, etc."

"The problem is that the user usually can’t see it—because Java is usually used to write server-side applications, very often without any front end. And users mostly only know about the front end."

Java is #1 in Enterprise

"That means the major applications companies use in their work are written in Java."

"For example, server applications in the financial services industry are usually written in Java. Lots of banks' IT departments use Java to write front and back end electronic trading systems, settlement and confirmation systems, data processing systems and so on."

"The server side of many web apps is also built in Java. You'll find this language in web apps provided by educational, governmental, healthcare and other organizations."

Tools for programmers

"Tools for software development are also fairly often developed in Java. You'll learn some of them in a few levels, I promise."

Java is a Big Deal in Big Data

"Hadoop and many other big data technologies also use Java. You can say the same thing about ElasticSearch, HBase and Accumulo."

"Engineers use Java for scientific applications and calculus."

Android and mobile apps

"And, as I'm sure you already know, you can use Java to create mobile apps, because Android is a very Java-friendly environment. What language are most Android apps written in?"

"Java, of course. Thanks, Captain. I get it."

"Wait, I've got some good examples for you:

  • Minecraft, the most popular survival sandbox game in the world, was written by Marcus 'Notch' Persson and, yes, he used Java.
  • Google+ (the entire server side) and many other Google services.
  • The best development tools, such as Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA (you’ll find out more about IDEA a little bit later).
  • Facebook web app for Android… And almost every other Android app you use.
  • Amazon web services. Yes, as you make your Amazon purchases, you're using Java. Can you imagine?
  • The majority of Netflix services are built on Java. Remember that as you watch your favorite show.
  • The Android operating system is written in Java (user interface) together with C and C++.
  • Lots of Tesla Motors applications are built in Java.
  • Finally, the server side of CodeGym is written in Java (what a surprise!).

It's time to continue learning, my friend. Keep up the good work!"