Game of Codes: a song of bytes and wire

"Hi, Amigo! I hope you're ready for a hard and exhausting break."

Java Syntax,  level 2lesson 11
Game of Codes: a song of bytes and wire
After working religiously to master Java fundamentals, you can relax a bit and watch a movie about Java! Today's Nerd Break features something far more intense than the Game of Thrones… It’s the Game of Codes. Bootstrap yourself for an epic soft-war between Java and the Googlisters for the sake of APIs :) And don’t nod at Dave!

"Remember, you'll receive dark matter for every one of Julio's videos you watch. Just don't forget you need to watch it to the very end."

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Jeff LambLevel 3 , Littleton
12 April, 21:20
And that is why I never invite Dave to any parties. :) lol
JackLevel 3 , Yerevan
10 April, 07:55
WHAT THE HELL DAVE!!! He's my favorite character.
Dervish GradyLevel 5 , MORELIA
11 February, 19:24
They are a genius....
Vicky MillinshipLevel 8 , Walton le Dale
2 January, 21:43
I'm pleased you used either real English people or actors that can do pretty convincing ones. Was a lot better than I expected, tbh!
25 December 2019, 08:46
I'm nodding now! haha
AdityaLevel 5 , Baleshwar
11 December 2019, 16:13
I've never watched Game of Thrones, but the Dave joke was really funny
Moses Level 6 , Beune
28 November 2019, 22:41
The video was sure a good way to end . I was funny!!
David NodesLevel 4 , Long Branch
20 October 2019, 21:35
Loved it!
David TorresLevel 15 , Plovdiv
22 September 2019, 10:09
That was creative, I like the way you teach by using modern references, that makes the process of learning enjoyable!
MargaretaLevel 7 , Dubrovnik
13 September 2019, 16:36
Hhaahahaha awesome, A+ for effort