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Chey ig
Level 0 , Bullard, United States
9 September 2021, 17:47
hey lol *leans on expensive car* sure is lonely in my giant mansion in Dubai
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
27 September 2021, 10:32
joginder singh
Level 1 , Mumbai, India
28 May 2021, 02:52
Hi regina, is it necessary to have subscription pack to unlock level.
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
28 May 2021, 07:46
Starting from level 2, a subscription is required.
10 December 2020, 10:46
Hi I am from India and 15 years old
Level 2 , Пекин, China
26 September 2021, 06:38
Hi, nice to meet you.
Level 1 , Xi'An
28 September 2020, 02:03
Hay 😁
Arsalan Kamaie
Level 10 , Sugar Land, United States
22 March 2020, 04:40
Hey Regina, what do you suggest to study after finishing codegym?
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
23 March 2020, 15:43
Hey! Actually, you may already apply for a job for Junior Java Developer. And when you accept the job offer and start working, you can upgrade your experience at the project you are involved. Apart from that, you may the references here.
Level 37
10 April 2020, 11:53
Regina, I assume you work for codegym? Can you advise on the chase of getting interview offers without a CS degree? Have you been a professional prorammer yourself in industry? Do you recommend Oracle certification in Java Programming to demonstrate one's ability in Jave Programming?
Joe M
Level 47 , Owings Mills, United States
3 December 2020, 22:06
You will get offers without a CS degree, if you have the skills. CodeGym will give you the skills to build things you can show recruiters. Oracle certification is worthwhile. The exams are tough and you can't pass them without good Java skills. My .02
Level 37
4 December 2020, 17:28
Thanks Joe, May I ask what is your programming background? Have you work in industry? What can you share with us regarding your journey?
Joe M
Level 47 , Owings Mills, United States
4 December 2020, 21:45
I do not work in industry. I am not even a very good coder. Level 8 is hard for me! I am a teacher. My opinion, and it is just my opinion, comes from speaking with industry and agency folks, who have hired my students, and seeing students get to the "first rung" of the ladder, entry-level. I believe after looking at CG that this platform will take you past the skill level you need to get a junior-level job. I see that Regina says get to level 40 to apply for a junior-level job, I agree with her. It seems to me that you will be well-prepared for that first job by doing this course through level 40, and doing the projects in the course. There is a lot here, including smart, hard-working students ( including yourself at level 31, my guess is less than 1000 CG students worldwide have made it that far) who are investing a lot of time into making themselves better at coding, and I respect the emphasis on practice as the best way to learn. The need for talent exceeds the supply of good coders, in my opinion. One manager told me her company will need tens of thousands of programmers in the next 10 years. GM is hiring 3000 coders/tech people in the next 4 months as they convert to all-electric platforms: VW just ordered 1400 robots from FANUC to build their new cars in Emden and Chattanooga. Someone will need to program those. I think you could probably do the Oracle 808 cert right now, that is an entry cert. Not easy, at all, but I think you could do it. Good luck to you as you continue moving forward, BJB.
Level 37
5 December 2020, 13:47
I really appreciate your words of encouragement and insight! Truly, I thank you! Right now at level 31 I feel I have learnt a lot, but I feel I still have to learn so much more! Java is absolutely enormous! This course is fantastic, but it is not without it's flaws. I think I've put in 1000 hours of effort into it so far since I joined in March. May I wish you all the best in your journey!
Lex Icon
Level 17 , Sofia, Bulgaria
4 March 2020, 00:54
Stop asking Regina where is she from. Focus on courses, hey!
Level 18 , Sofia, Bulgaria
12 February 2021, 11:40
Hahah! I wonder, if the picture was of a grumpy old lady, would people still keep asking, where's she from? :D
Lex Icon
Level 17 , Sofia, Bulgaria
13 February 2021, 11:03
I doubt Regina would like to go through this social experiment, but yeah it could have clarified what exactly some people pursue here. :D
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
15 February 2021, 10:40
Demetrius Davis
Level 1 , Indianapolis, United States
26 February 2020, 20:10
are you from flordia?
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
28 February 2020, 09:53
Why are you asking?
Oliver Lutz
Level 18 , Budapest, Hungary
16 February 2020, 14:37
Hello Regina, are from Hungary ? :)
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
18 February 2020, 14:17
No, I am not. :)
Oliver Lutz
Level 18 , Budapest, Hungary
25 February 2020, 14:16
I see, your name is famous here in Hungary, it is a pretty name :D
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
27 February 2020, 14:22
Nice of you. Thanks. :)
Rohit Sondhi
Level 8 , New York City, United States
1 January 2020, 19:23
When is it recommended that a person should apply for an entry level Java job? When I finish at level 40? Or level 20? Or 25? Any idea?
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
9 January 2020, 14:56
Level 40. Our course prepares you for the junior Java developer position. All 40 levels are obligatory to complete for the entry level.
Rohit Sondhi
Level 8 , New York City, United States
21 December 2019, 18:28
Will you have an internship for codegym users, the same way you have one on the Russian version of codegym?
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
25 December 2019, 16:57
No, there is no internship within CodeGym course.