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Alexandru Ovcinicov
Level 15 , London, United Kingdom
29 September 2019, 19:19
I see you keep moving ! How is it going ? Describe your experience =)
Gabriella LaPlace
Level 16 , Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
21 January 2020, 17:54
I took a break because I learned that people usually work in a small group for 2 years on a project. So I thought that I would not be good enough; since I was taking more tries than average to complete tasks; mostly on the ones that were like doing a hard math problem. My mom encouraged me to start again. She said it didn't matter if I thought I wasn't going to get a job if I continued doing this. She said I should just try my best and learn what I could. Also, I started to continue reading Head First Java on, plus she bought me the book online and it's supposed to get shipped.