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IT & Programming Digest by CodeGym: October’23 Issue

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Hey! The end of the month is here, and we’ve collected important news and valuable content from the IT and programming world to present to you.

Big News About Big (And Slightly Smaller) Tech

Something’s cooking at Apple… In September, the company made the most important product announcements, but that wasn’t all. Last week, it announced a USB-C Apple Pencil, a new version of its popular Pencil for the iPad, which will also be the cheapest one so far. And on October 30, the company is holding another event. The tagline is "Scary Fast", so we’re intrigued! Meanwhile, rumor has it that the company will focus mainly on the Mac. Speaking of new products, Motorola presented the Motorola Active Display concept, a foldable phone, at Lenovo Tech World '23. Not only does it bend, but you can wear it on a wrist like a smartwatch. Or bend it in an L-shape to make it stand on its own on a table. Motorola thinks that’s how the future phone should look like, and what do you think? Finally, here’s a piece of news for vintage games fans. This week, two rivals released their new games: Super Mario Bros Wonder and Sonic Superstars. Both games bring fans to the roots, so this double release is quite symbolic: the last time it happened was in 1992 when Super Mario Land 2 and Sonic 2 both came out in the last week of November in the UK. Now, every fan should answer the iconic question for themselves: Mario or Sonic?

Learning Programming

How do you select a building tool for Java development that suits your needs best? The article How to Choose the Right Build Tool for Your Java Projects analyses three popular options: Maven, Gradle, and Ant. Each has advantages, so comparing them helps find what's best for you. As we know, Chat-GPT can generate code based on prompts. And GPT-Engineer is an AI-powered coding tool that takes prompts and, when necessary, even steps up to the plate by asking questions to ensure it delivers the code you need. Plus, it's backed by GPT-3/GPT-4. The article GPT-Engineer: Bridging the Gap Between Concept and Execution explores the features of this useful tool.

Building A Developer’s Career

After getting your first job as a developer, it's hard not to feel excited, happy, and confident. But there's a trap called the Dunning-Kruger Effect, a psychological phenomenon, which means that people tend to think they know more than they actually do. If you’re unaware, you may suffer from it. What to do? The article How to Excel as a New Developer and Beat the Dunning-Kruger Trap offers the answer. What does it mean at all – to be a good software engineer? It takes much more than knowing different programming languages and frameworks – and even more than ensuring high code quality. A good engineer focuses on bringing maximum value in achieving a goal, the article Unpopular Opinion: It’s harder than ever to be a good software engineer claims. It explains how we can become better specialists. The concept of open-source software has helped developers worldwide learn, innovate, and improve their skills. In the article 24 Open-Source Projects for Developers in 2023 you can find many resources, from AI frameworks to productivity tools. For example, Supertokens is an authentication solution that helps safeguard user data and ensure a seamless login experience.

What’s New at CodeGym Blog?

This month, all aspiring developers, regardless of their level, can find something helpful on the CodeGym blog. For example, Upwork, Fiverr, Guru: Top 6 Freelance Platforms for Beginner Developers offers a list of websites where junior developers can take on small projects and, eventually, build a solid portfolio. Another valuable piece for beginners is Tech Starter Pack for Junior: What is a Spring Boot — a “Magic” Java Framework. Here, you can find useful information about Spring Boot, which is a set of pre-configured modules that run on the Spring Framework. According to JetBrains, in 2021, Spring Boot became the most popular Java web framework – so it’s definitely worth your attention. The article What Occupation in IT to Choose? Top 10 Prospective Jobs in 2023 describes the most in-demand positions, their duties, required skills, and average salaries. So, if you’re looking for a new job, you’ll have something to think about. Last but not least, you can read real stories of developers who landed jobs without a CS diploma in the article Why You Don't Have to Earn a CS Degree to Be a Software Developer? Real Success Stories from Our Stu.... If you’ve ever wondered about the meaning of a university degree, this piece is for you. Thank you for staying with us, and see you next month! Visit CodeGym’s blog more often, there’s so much more to discover!