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What to Listen: Best Podcasts for Java Programmers and Tech Experts

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“Learning never exhausts the mind,” said Leonardo da Vinci. We are not trying to argue with one of the greatest geniuses of all times, but learning all the time can be tiring, even if you are using such a smooth and sophisticated learning tool as CodeGym. That’s why it is useful to try different sources of information and discover new ways to learn from time to time. Not so long ago we were talking about the best YouTube channels for Java developers to get information and learn. This time we decided to cover another kind of media that is quite popular among programmers and thus, can be really useful as an additional source of information. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best podcasts for Java developers.What to Listen: Best Podcasts for Java Programmers and Tech Experts - 1

Top 5 Best Podcasts for Programmers

Let’s start with podcasts for developers in general, without limiting ourselves to Java exclusively. Here are our top five picks, even though the choice wasn’t easy to make since there are so many great podcasts for coders these days.

5. Talk Python to Me

Probably the best podcast out there about Python, one of the most popular programming languages in the world and Java’s main competitor in back-end development. Talk Python to Me was started in 2015 by Michael Kennedy, an experienced Python developer, who was frustrated by the lack of decent Python podcasts. In his show, Michael talks about Python, obviously, but also frequently touches other related topics, such as AngularJS, DevOps, MongoDB and others.

4. CppCast

CppCast is one of the most popular podcasts for C++ developers and everyone who’s interested in this programming languages family. Pretty great source of information about C++ and all related technologies. Each podcast is 30 to 60 minutes long.

3. The Deug Log

Strangely, there are not so many good podcasts about game development, so The Debug Log is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in gamedev and technologies used in this niche. This podcast is focused on game development with Unity engine, but occasionally hosts and guests also talk about other game engines.

2. Software Engineering Radio

Very popular podcast meant for professional software developers. Each episode is focused on a specific software development topic, such as one of the programming languages, frameworks, cloud technologies and so on. Also Software Engineering Radio often hosts great in-depth interviews with experts and experienced developers.

1. Full Stack Radio

Probably the best podcast for full-stack developers, those who are willing to become one, and generally for everyone who’s interested in learning about the development of large scale software products. The host is Adam Wathan, a full-stack dev and entrepreneur. In each episode Adam interviews a guest, discussing various topics in a light and easy going manner.

Top 5 Best Podcasts for Java Developers

There are not so many great podcasts with focus on Java exclusively, but enough for us to make a top five list. So here it is.

5. Java Posse

Java Posse stopped recording back in 2015, but it is still regarded as one of the best Java-focused podcasts ever. All 461 episodes of Java Posse are available online, and you can still find a lot of useful information in them, even if it's a little bit outdated by now. Java Posse’s tutorials and guides are widely recommended to Java beginners even in 2020.

4. Java Off-Heap

Java Off-Heap is a famous podcast focused on the latest tech news for Java professionals. Java Off-Heap is hosted by four Java engineers from Chicago, who occasionally have guests on the show, and talk about everything important that is going on in the Java community.

3. How to Program with Java Podcast

A very decent podcast for Java beginners with step by step guides and tutorials on all the basic aspects of Java as a programming language and related technologies. Probably the best choice to start if you are still learning the basics of Java.

2. podcast with Adam Bien

Pretty great podcast by Adam Bien, a veteran of Java and JavaScript development. In his podcast, Adam is mostly focusing on Java, Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, and subjects related to web development. There’s a new guest for each episode of the show.

1. Java Pub House

Java Pub House is considered to be the best currently active podcast with discussions and tutorials about Java and Java-related tools and technologies. This podcast, hosted by Freddy Guime and Bob Paulin, is great for both Java beginners and experienced programmers. In each episode they cover real issues Java developers are facing in their daily work, as well as discuss the most important and interesting news and technologies relevant to the Java development industry.
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