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Top 10 Best YouTube Channels for Java Developers

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If you look at some of the most highly-skilled and professional software developers out there, you will probably notice all of them have one thing in common. They are constantly learning something new, genuinely interested to know about latest trends in programming and willing to spend time studying new tools and technologies. In fact, experts say willingness to learn is probably the most important key to success as a professional coder. Just saying so you would know that learning won’t be over after you complete the CodeGym course and start working as a Java developer. At least if you would want to have a long-term career in software development. A career in coding is all about learning, you better get used to this. Learning all the time can feel tough once in a while. But on the bright side, today there is so much information about Java and programming in general available online in different channels and various forms it makes learning easier than ever. Top 10 Best YouTube Channels for Java Developers - 1That’s why we decided to make this top of the best YouTube channels for Java programmers. And don’t get us wrong, CodeGym still should be your main source of information about Java. Just because we’re the best (hate to brag but it’s true). But once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt to change the record, so to speak, and try something else.

5 Best YouTube Сhannels for Java Beginners

Derek Banas

Derek Banas is a very popular (over 1 mln subscribers) mainstream channel about the basics of programming and other technical disciplines. Has quite a lot of very good content on Java and its basics, which makes it definitely worth a recommendation.

Programming with Mosh

Another popular mainstream YouTube channel for programming beginners. And rightfully so: it has lots and lots of tutorials on Java and other programming languages, they are well-structured and well-presented, which is important when you’re choosing a tutorial. Some materials from this channel would definitely be useful for experienced coders as well, not just beginners.


It would be impolite not to mention the Oracle’s Java YouTube channel, especially since they are doing a pretty good job supporting it with quality content. All kinds of Java tutorials, videos about new features, reports from various events, interviews with Java community leaders, etc. Seems like this channel deserves more subscribers, since now it’s just a bit shy of 100k, which is a pretty low number.

Adam Bien

Another seemingly underrated channel. Adam Bien has many very good tutorials on Java and Java EE development with lots of insights and useful tips. He also does Q&A sections once in a while, answering programming questions from his viewers.


vJUG presents itself as ‘the world’s first Virtual Java User Group.’ Live-streams conferences, webinars, user group meetings, and interviews with some of the most famous Java experts. vJUG can be a powerful addition to your main source of Java info and skills (like CodeGym), it’s a good place to get news and insights from the Java community.

5 Best YouTube Channels for Experienced Java Programmers

Thoughts on Java

Great channel done by Thorben Janssen, a Java expert from Germany. Mostly focused on tutorials and courses about JPA, Hibernate and other Java technologies.


This is the official Devoxx channel that uploads seminars and sessions from Devoxx and Voxxed Days conferences for programmers. Lots of great interviews and sessions with Java experts can be found on Devoxx.


Excellent, and seemingly underrated, channel with exclusive interviews, as well as recordings of live master classes, seminars, discussions and expert panels. The NightHacking channel is focused on Java primarily, and covers many topics that will be of interest to Java developers.

GOTO Conferences

One of the most popular YouTube channels with records from various tech conferences. Subscribing to this channel is a good way to follow what is going on in the Java community and in the programming world in general.

Spring Developer

A must-subscribe channel for those who work with Spring, world’s most popular Java framework. The channel has everything you need to know about Spring, including tutorials, webinars, and video lessons, as well recorded conference sessions with Spring experts.
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Lakshya Pandya Level 1, Mumbai, India
29 May 2021
you forgot code with harry
Joe M Level 47, Owings Mills, United States
3 November 2020
look at Alex Lee's youtube channel for good explanations of basic concepts.
SirSkii Level 12, Chicago, United States
15 October 2020
Thank you for that added article. We love them!