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Ray Nevarez Madrid
Level 3

When did CodeGym start?

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Already this feels like such an awesome website and an awesome way to learn programming. It's interesting to me that i hadn't heard about it from anywhere until i discovered it by myself. I am now telling everyone i know about it
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Alex Lychak Level 8, Kiev, Ukraine
18 March 2019
Hi there! When the Multithreading and Collections will be available? It keeps showing it's Coming soon. How soon? I am thinking between staying here and moving to (which seems to be the original resource, btw)
Zee Level 1, Accra, Ghana
17 February 2019
I also discovered it randomly just last week. i love this site cos of their systematic approach to teaching the Java language. i also like the way the whole site is dedicated one and only Java.......making me focus when learning .
Andrew Level 29, Seattle, United States
31 January 2019
I started learning Java in early 2018 so this wasn't available. I just got lucky that I found it later after being disappointed by other learning tools.
Gëzim Qaili Level 6, Tetovo, Macedonia
8 January 2019
I also discovered it randomly. Recently, I had do make a project with Java. I wanted to learn from a book, but I think books are just loaded with materials and theory and feel kinda boring. Searching through the interwebs when, wuala... Code "the awesome" Gym. *flexes his brain *feels smart already
Regina Level 47, Florida, United States
27 November 2018
You are right. We have launched our platform since July, 2018. More about our mission you can read here . We appreciate the feedback of every user and we are glad to hear that you enjoy the course. Keep going!
Collin M Level 22, Jane Furse, South Africa
24 November 2018
I think it started in June or July 2018, I discovered it in August while googling for online interactive tutorials for learning java. I fell in love with CodeGym before I entered my email, just by reading what it's about, it's really like nothing Iv'e seen before.