My program works, but the validator won't accept it. I've tried it with randomly capitalizing characters in words, having words with all caps, having words with no caps, it returns a completely alphabetical list but I'm not passing the hidden "mystery condition" - which I'm really getting sick of those. The validator should at least tell you when whatever program is entering the strings is doing stupid crap, and not just leaving you to guess that it's entering integers or whatever else it isn't supposed to be doing but is anyway. Here's what my program prints out using the list of commented out words: alphabetical and be Display Each Enter from In keyboard line new on order Should Task the them twenty word words And here's what it prints if I enter a bunch of nonsense. First, my nonsense as it was entered into the program: zeeeee zzzzz fffff eeeeeee GGGGGGG REEEGH rHgUk AiiIIiiII Lee LeeLee Lee Ill rue Etyo ezzy fri EDDN Weeeeee wow wOW And the sorted list. AiiIIiiII EDDN eeeeeee Etyo ezzy fffff fri GGGGGGG Ill Lee Lee LeeLee REEEGH rHgUk rue Weeeeee wow wOW zeeeee zzzzz it still works. I pass. Yay. Except I don't for some reason.