To make it easier for you to solve tasks, we've written a special widget: WebIDE. It looks approximately like this:


On the left, you see the task conditions and requirements that your solution must satisfy. In the center, we have the editor, which is where you need to write your code. Your program displayed some text, which you can see in the pane at the bottom.

And at the top you will see these buttons:

  • Verify: Submit your solution for testing.
  • Help: A drop-down list that contains:
    • Hint: Display a hint for solving the current task.
    • Community help: Ask the CodeGym community a question about your solution.
    • Correct solution: Show the author's solution to the task.
    • Restore my code: Revert to your code after seeing the correct solution.
    • Clear solution: Reset your solution, i.e. start over.
  • Discuss: Discuss the task with other users.
  • Run: Start the program without submitting it for verification (your verification counter won't increase).
  • Code analysis: Get suggestions on your solution's code style.

New Java Syntax, level 1, lesson 7
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