1. Installing the plugin

To make your life much easier, CodeGym created a special plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that lets you get tasks and submit them for verification in a couple of clicks. It's super convenient — you'll see for yourself right now.

For now, the CodeGym plugin isn't included in the standard set of plugins in the IntelliJ IDEA repository, so you will have to download it from our website and install it manually in IDEA. This is pretty simple to do.

Before installing it, you need to "Download the plugin".

3. Solving tasks in the CodeGym plugin

Solving tasks with the plugin is one of life's great joys. First, you need to choose one of the tasks that is available to you. Here's what you need to do:

4. Additional features

If you have a Premium Pro subscription, you have the option to check your program's coding style. To do this, click this button:

If you accidentally deleted something important in your program or perhaps become confused about your own solution, you can start solving the task again from the very beginning. There is a special button for this:

If you want to discuss your solution (or lack thereof) with other students, click here:

And if you feel that you really won't get unstuck without help from other students, then boldly click here:

We have a very large community — you are sure to find help.

And finally, if you decide to implement one of the game projects available on CodeGym and you want to publish it all users to enjoy, there is also a special button for this.

5. Solving your first task through the plugin

And of course, we have a special video tutorial for those who believe a picture is worth a thousand words:

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