"Hi, Amigo. Here's a useful task:"

Java Collections, level 7, lesson 10
The long forgotten Array
Implement the getData method so that the main method finishes without throwing exceptions. Don't change the rest of the code.

"I remembered! Here's the task I promised you last time. Do you know what a SET is?"

"I've know for a long time. And Rishi just told me about Collections utility class."

"SET stands for Super Extreme Task. What did Rishi tell you about it?"

"Uh, he told me about something else... about useful methods for collections."

"About something else?? Okay, go check the task conditions. Just don't solve this task on paper. I saw you writing something down there. You need to write directly to your memory card."

"So where should I solve it?"

"Go see the secret agent. You'll find that he has something just for you."