What they dont teach you in school - 1

"Hi, Amigo. I'm Julio Siesta."

"I can see that you worked hard today."

"How about a well-deserved break?"

"Aren’t we supposed to have a lesson now?"

"Yes. But lessons have to be interesting. You didn't forget that, did you? Nobody ever repealed the law that stipulates that boring teachers will be beaten with a stick!"

"This is a special training video that will… uh… enhance your interest in your studies and… Let’s just watch it, okay? You can ask your questions later. Roll it!"

New Java Syntax, level 1, lesson 7
Nerd break
The super secret CodeGym training center has both standard lessons and entertaining lessons. But we don't have them just for the sake of having them. They will teach you loads about your future field of employment! It's time to relax a bit and watch a video about your future colleagues.