Useful links from the Professor – 6 - 1

"So, my friend Amigo, you're finishing the sixth level in the Java Syntax quest? Not bad, not bad, but who do you need to thank? What's that? I couldn't hear! Well, okay, not about that right now. Now for some additional materials. What did you learn on this level?"

"A lot! You told me about garbage collection, remember? And there were lessons about finalize, object lifetime, and static variables."

"If so, then, I'm telling you, everything is going according to plan! If you're sure you've learned all those topics, then proceed further. But I would take a look at this interesting resource if I were you:"

More about the garbage collector

"Have you ever wondered how the work of Java's kind garbage collector and your program is distributed in time? If not, then read and learn. The main thing is to not get scared. The Java garbage collector is kind, though not always predictable for mere mortals. This fascinating article will teach you in detail about Java's garbage collection, object reachability for reference counting and generations. Not ordinary generations, but object generations."

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