Useful links from the Professor – 7 - 1

"Hello, Amigo, my pupil who is ever progressing from level to level! How do you like the seventh level?"

"It's highly productive, I would say! I've learned a lot about all sorts of structures. About arrays and lists."

"Ha! A lot, you say. You've learned the very basics. Which, by the way, is wonderful. I remember those days, when I sorted my first array... in ascending... oh, well."

"Professor, you're getting distracted again!"

"All right, I'm sorry, Amigo. So arrays, lists... They are useful to you…"

Something about arrays

"Don't look at the name. The article that I'm recommending to you doesn't have 'something about arrays', but 'a lot of things about arrays'. For example, how to initialize them, simply and quickly, how arrays are stored in memory, what two-dimensional arrays are, and how to use them to recreate the 'Battleship' game."

Arrays class and its use

"This article will help you continue to learn about arrays and how you can use the methods of the Arrays class to deal with a lot of typical tasks involving arrays, which are usually written 'by hand'. 'By hand' is also helpful, but you'll do that whether you like it or not. And then you can use Arrays methods later. This is helpful!"

ArrayList class

"Arrays are great, but their fixed size and the inability to add or remove new elements can make programmers grumpy. So, meet ArrayList, an enhanced array—a simple and convenient data structure. Once you've moved from arrays to ArrayLists, you can't go back. I guarantee."

Deleting an element from an ArrayList

"And here's another article that discusses ArrayList further. This time, we'll dwell at length on important operations when working with lists: removing items from the list, and removing items from the list in a loop."

"That's all for today! Go forth and learn, my student."