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3 Tools to Conquer Java Code. How CodeGym Allows You to Learn Anytime, Anywhere

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There’s a number of crucial elements for success in mastering programming skills. Practising all the time is one, that is why CodeGym’s Java course is 80% practice and 20% theory. Consistency is another factor of major importance. Learning consistently, without sudden interruptions and prolonged breaks, is how our students and other programming beginners in general are able to master Java rapidly and get a full-time job. 3 Tools to Conquer Java Code. How CodeGym Allows You to Learn Anytime, Anywhere - 1

How to be consistent in learning Java?

No one argues that consistency is good in learning how to code. But sometimes, it is easier said than done. It’s great if you can devote a few hours a day to read some theory, think on tasks and look for information on forums. But for many people, there are just not enough hours in a day, and all they typically have to spend on learning is short time intervals of 10-15-20 minutes when travelling, waiting in a queue, or taking a break from work. And this is where CodeGym stands out from the majority of other programming skills learning sources. Having both a web version and a mobile application, as well as additional tools such as CodeGym’s IntelliJ IDEA plugin, it allows you to keep learning consistently even if you don’t have several hours at once to focus on studying. And for those who do have enough free time to spare on studying, CodeGym tools are there to augment their experience with short sessions, integrating the learning process into their daily lives via mobile application. Incidental learning, which is when you learn without a plan and specific timing, whenever you have some free time or in the middle of doing something unrelated and this idea comes into your mind, is a valid learning technique. Latest research shows that it can be very effective.

Three CodeGym tools to conquer Java code

Here is how CodeGym makes your Java learning process seamless with three key components/versions available.

1. CodeGym website

Main web version of CodeGym that was designed to provide you with the most effective Java learning process you can get online.

  • Gamification elements.

CodeGym has lots of gamification elements, such as achievements for the progress made. You also get awarded when helping other users or answering their questions in the Help section. CodeGym users are able to easily save interesting articles and lectures in bookmarks to find them quickly and easily.

  • Beginner-friendly structure.

The course structure was designed having people with absolutely no coding experience or knowledge in mind. This means that the course and all the starting tasks were structured in the best way possible to create a valuable theory foundation for fresh Java learners, without overloading them with too much lecturing.

  • Over 1200 tasks to support theory.

CodeGym has over 1200 programming tasks in the course. Solving these tasks allows you to obtain very real practical skills in Java programming that will totally help you to get a real job. Every piece of theoretical knowledge that you read when going through the course and getting on higher levels is supported by a number of tasks, designed to help you learn this specific knowledge while also being able to apply it in real work.

2. CodeGym mobile app

As an addition to the web version, CodeGym also has a mobile app. CG Android app is available for download in Google Play, while the iOS version is in development. CodeGym’s mobile app has a number of powerful features to make sure you are getting a fully-fledged learning experience when using it. Specifically, the app includes a mobile IDE with extended tips list, helping you to code faster and easier. The app is also great to learn theory on the go by reading lectures and articles when you have some free time, like when on a bus or during lunch.

3. CodeGym’s IntelliJ IDEA plugin

Finally, the third option, for those who’d like to dive deep into hardcore Java learning, is CodeGym’s own plugin for IntelliJ Idea, which is the most popular IDE (integrated development environment) among professional programmers today. As CodeGym’s course is very practical and focused on applicable skills and knowledge, we are trying to teach our students all the main tools that professional software developers are using on a daily basis. Being well-familiar with coding in IDE is a crucially important skill and one of the reasons why so many CodeGym students are able to find a job soon after finishing the course or while still in the middle of it. Our students get to start working on real coding tasks from Level 3, and pretty soon begin to develop mini-projects (writing a complete piece of software on their own) and games, doing all the coding in CodeGym’s IntelliJ Idea plugin.

Learn Java in a fun and seamless way with CodeGym

It’s no wonder that over the years CodeGym has become one of the favorite coding skills learning sources for tens of thousands of people around the globe. In fact, for many CodeGym was the gateway to the career in tech as they never had any contact with the programming world prior to registering on our website. And we are doing everything possible to maintain this seamless learning experience for new students, in order to allow them choose the approach to learning they will be comfortable with. And at the same time to make sure they will progress steadily and won’t get stuck along the way. So if you’re not sure about getting a full subscription to CodeGym’s course, you can start small by trying to learn via the app. If you are using CodeGym’s main version already and would like to extend the learning process to mobile devices, download our mobile app and study anytime, anywhere!3 Tools to Conquer Java Code. How CodeGym Allows You to Learn Anytime, Anywhere - 2