"My turn. OK, listen."

Some scientists created a supercomputer. It was so powerful it was supposed to be able to answer any question. So, they ask their question:
"Does God exist?"
The computer starts thinking. After some buzzing and blinking lights, it says:
"Not enough information. Connect me to the most powerful computers on the planet."
The scientists scratch their heads and decide to humor it. Again, they ask:
"Does God exist?"
More buzzing and blinking lights, and the computer answers:
"Not enough information. Connect me to all computers on Earth."
This was a bit harder to do, but the scientists managed to connect it to all existing computers. Again, they asked their question. And again, the computer says:
"Not enough information. Connect me to all networks, all computing devices, etc."
The scientists went out of their way to grant these requests. Finally, they ask one more time:
"Does God exist?"
The answer:
"He does now."