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Cool projects you'll write during your CodeGym studies

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Did you know that as soon as you cross CodeGym's 50-yard line (and you can actually get to this point very quickly) your teachers will invite you to complete some interesting mini-projects? Cool projects youll write during your CodeGym studies - 1Some of these tasks are described below.


On Level 6 of the Java Multithreading quest, you'll write a real chat application that you can use to chat with your friends. Cool projects youll write during your CodeGym studies - 2It will consist of one server and several clients. You will develop a protocol for communication between the client and server and even create your own bot!

Automated restaurant

Cool projects youll write during your CodeGym studies - 3In this task, you'll automate the work of a restaurant. In this task, you're a restaurant manager who wants to organize the restaurant as follows:
  1. Each table has a tablet that can be used to place orders;
  2. While an order is being prepared, the tablet shows ads;
  3. At the end of the business day, various statistics can be reviewed:
    • cook utilization;
    • total revenue from orders;
    • total revenue from ad impressions.
Who will write an application to complete this task? You, of course — at the very end of the Java Multithreading quest =)


During your CodeGym training, you'll also write some cool games (for example, a space shooter, Sokoban, the famous game 2048, Tetris, and much more). Cool projects youll write during your CodeGym studies - 4If these don't sound familiar, let us say a few words about the most interesting of them.


Even if you haven't played 2048 yourself, you've probably seen others enjoying it on their smartphones — on the subway, in a cafe, or at a nearby desk! This tile game appeared in 2014 and rapidly spread on various mobile platforms, becoming one of the most popular "time-killers". And at the end of the Java Multithreading quest, you'll get to make your version of this famous game.

Space Shooter

Do you know which game has brought the most money to its developers? Nope, it's not GTA 5, as a knowledgeable gamer might guess. According to some reports, the most successful game in history is the classic Space Invaders. Maybe you remember it: a small combat laser and a ton of alien bugs that attack faster with each level. The exciting news is that you'll write something similar as you progress through CodeGym.


Simple and fascinating, Snake first appeared on an arcade machine in 1977, and then it was ported to... where wasn't it ported?! And all because it has such simple logic. It's often the first game written by budding game developers. On Level 2 of the Java Multithreading quest, it will be your turn to create your very own growing snake.


If think Arkanoid is a game about a paddle, a ball, and breaking bricks, you are deeply mistaken! Actually, in Arkanoid you control a shuttle (paddle) that has detached from a doomed mother ship penetrating through an unknown cosmic threat (bricks) with the help of a secret weapon (ball). Just wait for Level 3 of the Java Multithreading quest, where you'll create your own version of this epic story.


This is most famous puzzle game played by kids in the 1990s, and the only successful video game that originated in the USSR. It spawned a host of clones and a new adjective: "tetris-like". You will learn how create your own version of Alexey Pajitnov's masterpiece during the Java Collections quest.

Job aggregator

At the end of your training, you'll write a job aggregator, which you can configure to find your perfect job ;). Cool projects youll write during your CodeGym studies - 5Don't believe it? Don't worry. Your teachers will give you detailed instructions! The most important thing is to never set aside your studies for long, so that you don't lose the progress you've made.
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Anonymous #10860951 Level 0, Gurgaon, India
24 December 2021
I wamt to learn projects from scratch. I did Java basics class in 2017. Nothing else.
Anonymous #10843104 Level 1, India
10 November 2021
Hi I want to do project from scratch using spring framework , spring boot,can any one help me
Jaisingh Level 14, Hyderabad, India
26 May 2019
I want to code space shooter.. i love that game and i wanted to see people playing my own game..when do get to the project
Popescu Mihai Level 19, Timisoara, Romania
5 May 2019
I'll put them on stores and get money out of them ;)

interface EvilLaugh {
    public void makeEvilLaugh();
public class JavaStudent implements EvilLaugh {
    public void makeEvilLaugh() {
Popescu Mihai Level 19, Timisoara, Romania
5 May 2019
I cannot wait :)
Ahmed Level 23, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2 May 2019
Are we going to show these games in the commandline or are we gonna use javafx for it?