In this level, you've taken another very important step in learning Java. You learned more about arrays, which will help you work with huge amounts of information. We dug into what arrays are, what types of arrays there are, and how to interact with them. As we conclude this topic, we suggest that you read a couple of articles that will deepen your knowledge.

Arrays in Java

Keep this material handy, as your personal cheat sheet for arrays. It explains the basics in a simple and straightforward manner. It starts from square one and walks you through what an array is, how an array is declared and created, how an array is initialized, and how to display an array.

Something about arrays

Never mind the title of the article. It would be better named "a lot of things about arrays" rather than "something about arrays". For example, how to initialize them, in a simple and fast way, how arrays are arranged in memory, what two-dimensional arrays are and how to use them to recreate game "Sea Battle".

Arrays class and its use

In this article, you will continue to investigate arrays and learn how you can use the methods of the Arrays class to solve a lot of typical tasks involving arrays. People usually don't write these methods from scratch. Writing them scratch is useful, and you will probably do it yourself. But later you can use the methods of the Arrays class. This is helpful!

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