Let's summarize and review all the steps you should take during your active job search. Consider this video as a checklist of the most crucial points, in case you've missed anything. Time to get moving!

One-time Actions:

  • Prepare Your Resume:
    • Compile and format your skills;
    • Document and format your experience;
    • Detail your education;
    • Obtain a foreign language certificate;
    • Find a minimalist resume template or example.
  • Set Up LinkedIn:
    • Create a profile based on your resume;
    • Fill in your profile details;
    • Prepare a greeting message for new connections.
  • Prepare GitHub (see Lecture 3.1).
  • Develop a Preparation Plan:
    • Theory;
    • Pet projects (organize or implement);
    • Algorithmic challenges;
    • Livecoding plan.

Daily Actions:

  • Theoretical Preparation: Spend 15-30 minutes studying interview questions.
  • Practical Preparation:
    • Solve 1 problem every 1-2 days.
    • Spend 45-60 minutes on livecoding.
  • Social Preparation:
    • Add 10+ HR managers and developers on LinkedIn.
    • Respond to 15-30 job listings.