"Hi, Amigo."

"Hello, Eleanor Carrey."

"Just call me Ellie. There's no need to be so formal."

"OK, Ellie."

"I believe with my help you'll soon be one of the best. I have a lot of experience training rookies. Stick with me, and everything will be just fine. Well, let's get started."

"There are two major types in Java: String and int. We store strings/text in String, and integers (whole numbers) in int. To declare a new variable, you need to specify its type and name. The name cannot be the same as the names of any other variables and/or functions."

Example 1, code: Description
String s;
A new variable s is declared. It can store text.
int i;
A new variable i, is declared. It can store integers.

"You can assign values to variables when you declare them."

Example 2, code: Description
String s = "Ellie";
Variable s stores the string "Ellie".
int i = 5;
Variable i stores the number 5.

"To assign a new value to a variable, we use the = sign. It is also called the 'assignment operator'. Assignment means to place into a variable a value from another variable or one computed from several variables."

Example 3, code: Description
int a = 5;
Variable a stores the value 5.
int b = 6;
Variable b stores the value 6.
int c = a + b;
Variable c stores the value 11.

"A variable's value can be used to compute a new value that will replace the old one."

Example 4, code: Description
int a = 2;
Now a equals 2
int b = 3;
Now b equals 3
a = a + b;
Now a equals 5
b = b + 1;
Now b equals 4

"You can merge strings with the + sign:"

Example 5, code: Description
String s1 = "Rain";
String s2 = "In";
String s3 = s1 + s2 + "Spain";
Variable s3 stores the string "RainInSpain"

"Sometimes, strings consisting of one or more spaces can come in handy:"

Example 6, code: Description
String s1 = "My favorite movie is";
String s2 = "Route";
int roadNumber = 66;
String text = s1 + " " + s2 + " " + roadNumber;
text stores "My favorite movie is Route 66"

"Let's take a look at how we display text and variables on the screen:"

Example 7, code:
System.out.println("A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do");
String s = "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do";

"By the way, Diego asked me to give you a couple of exercises:"