Java programming Learn Java from scratch

Hi. If you’re reading this, I can confirm that, yes, these are Java Basics. This course is actually chock full of opportunities for hands-on learning (with over 1200 exercises) and is meant for adult students. I hate boring lectures. That’s why CodeGym was created as an online game.

Have you ever played games where you get to level-up your character? Sometimes you get drawn into it before you even notice, right? Can you guess where I'm headed with this? At CodeGym, you have to level-up your character. The first quest ends when you’ll manage to upgrade from Level 1 to Level 18. These are Java Basics you need to score AP Computer Science A Exam.

If you choose to continue and finish three more quests (10 levels each) — Java Core, Multithreading and Collections — there’s strong chance you’ll be a rockstar Java programmer.

The game is set in the distant future – year 3018, at a time when humans share the Earth with robots and space travel is routine.

Once upon a time, a spaceship crashed on an unknown planet...

Back story

Java programming Learning from scratch

The Galactic Rush crew crash-landed on an unknown planet. During the crash, the spaceship slammed into a mountainside and was almost completely buried under debris. After trying for days to free the ship, the crew lost all hope of returning home and started settling into this new, unfamiliar place...

A week later, Ellie, the ship’s navigator, happened to discover that the planet was inhabited by thousands of wild robots! They could have helped clear the rocks and free the ship, but they were too primitive and stupid. They lacked the ability to do anything at all. They couldn’t even carry rocks, an ability which would have come in handy.

Professor Noodles, the mission’s chief scientist, would later recall:
"After a few days, I came up with a solution. I would take the firmware from Diego, a robot member of our crew, convert it into firmware for a bricklayer, and then load it onto the wild robots."

"But luck seemed to be against us. After looking into it, we found that the natives didn’t have any connectors for uploading the firmware. In fact, they didn’t have any connectors at all!"

Java programming

"Bilaabo, the only extraterrestrial on the crew, recalled that he had once met a robot on his home planet who knew how to program. Not only that, but this robot could even fix bugs in his own firmware."

"That’s when a brilliant idea occurred to me. After all, I had once managed to teach a capable robot to program in Pascal."

"I gave orders to trap the most talented young robot and teach him how to Java program. With his new coding skills, he would be able to rewrite his own firmware to help us out!"

Learn Java from scratch

"In the end, we found a promising candidate. Diego suggested naming him Amigo, after the brother he’d always wanted, but never had."

"I offered to give Amigo metal beads for every month of his learning Java and then $10 per year to clear the debris after his training. For the savages, this was generous. After all, we were enlightening them for free."

Learn Java

Diego later wrote in his memoirs:

"I was outraged by this blatant robbery of my fellow robot, but the whole crew sided with the professor and Rishi. So, of course, I agreed, or at least pretended to agree, and offered to help teach Amigo. Ha-ha! After all, nobody can teach a robot better than another robot."

"Everybody was so happy that I was willing to help that they decided to join me in training Amigo Java programming."

You’ll start at level 1. Your goal is to help Amigo level-up his programming skills.

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